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During the Great Depression in 1929, Al continued to sell his flowers to local merchants but found it necessary to raise pigs and chickens as well. During this difficult time numerous people were employed at the greenhouses enabling them to provide for their families.

In 1946 Alís daughter, Dorothy married William Eelman who continued the greenhouse business and also began a small poultry business on the property. Eggs were delivered throughout the New Jersey and New York area while the greenhouse continued to sell flowers to stores in the North Jersey area.

In 1975, William passed away and his two sons Bill and Bob took over the business. After two decades of successful chicken farming, the rapid growth of the greenhouse industry prompted them to focus on the plant production and they made the decision to close the poultry farm. However, that did not stop them from putting the poultry buildings to work. Some of those converted buildings are still in use today!

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